Valley Pumps & Irrigation Systems previously sold Grillo machines, we now supply the AS-MOTOR product for similiar applications.


Design & Performance

The AS-MOTORS unique design, with low center of gravity, central weight distribution, and differential locking capability will help you mow places you can’t even take a tractor. Go places you have never gone before and extend your mowing where previously it was impossible.

The AS-MOTOR product is designed for the rough stuff. Not everyone has a perfect backyard and the Sherpa will take care of very tall grass, weeds and brush. It’s capable of flattening an overgrown section, or those properties you can’t mow every week. It’ll also help you reduce the fire risk on your property. Rear/side discharge is the secret in this aggressive and effective cutting system. The Sherpa  loses no power as it charges through grass, leaving an even spread of cut grass in its wake.

Mow Slopes and Long Grass Safely

When it comes to mowing flat lawns nearly all ride-on mowers are up to the task. That stuff is easy. Just pick the grass finish you want, the budget you have to spend and most will find a mower up to the task. But if your property is a little more challenging, and you add in slopes, ridges, long grass, scrub and rough terrain then it's quite a different matter.

AS-MOTOR Sherpa 2wd and 4wd models, in our opnion, the ultimate replacment for your Grillo, Razorback, Masport and Orec machines

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