Tankmasta Rio Filtration


RIO (Reversible Inlet / Overflow) Filtration System


Tankmasta®'s revolutionary RIO Filtration System is just the beginning of installation flexibility and added value of a Tankmasta® tank.

The RIO system adds versatility providing multiple inlet options. Firstly choose between the traditional basket filter and Tankmasta®'s low maintenance 'flow through barrel filter'. The flow through barrel filter is manufactured with a marine grade mesh, as the water flows through the filter clean water falls through into the tank while all environmental waste is flushed straight on into the storm water.

The RIO is Reversible, and therefore easily adaptable to your downpipe configuration in regards to which way the collection enters and exits the tank.

By utilising the 'flow through filter' as an overflow, Tankmasta® tanks now have the inlet capacity of up to 200mm. That's a first!

Preview the images below as an installation guide on the flexible options of the RIO Filtration System.


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